More Than Just a DJ Service


In the case of Howe Eventful, you’re getting a full dedicated team of wedding professionals to assist, guide, consult, and help you formulate your perfect wedding day experience. And, it starts with our very first conversation, before you choose to book our services.

OUR FIRST MEETING. Before you book your DJ services

We feel strongly, that you should always have a discussion with your prospective DJ service. We actively invite you to meet with us in person, by phone, or over video conference (whatever is most comfortable for you). In this scheduled meeting, we take the time to listen to your interests, needs, and what’s most important to you about your wedding. We give you the opportunity to ask us questions. We give you options, ideas, and start working on a package to fit your exact needs. There is never an obligation to confirm or book services. This should be a very relaxed and comfortable meeting experience.


We believe that every aspect of the wedding pre-prep, planning, and execution of your perfect wedding day, should be a naturally flowing & enjoyable experience. We have a dedicated events & logistics coordinator who will work with you over the coming months, prior to your wedding date, to gather the important details, consult with you on all aspects, give advice, offer up the pros & cons of specific activities, and build your timeline. Once everything has been finalized, we will then share your timeline with your other vendors to make sure everyone you entrusted to capture & execute your perfect day, is on the same page. If you have a wedding planner, we will work with them directly on your behalf, to make sure everything you want, expect, and envision, come to life.


We make sure to match you with the perfect DJ to fit your style. It is important that you and your DJ have a connection. You have full direct contact & communication with your DJ. Spend all the time that you need meeting with your DJ and discussing your vibe, flow, style, music taste, important songs, transitions, and more. It’s important that your DJ understand and know everything about your wedding, and what’s most important to you. So, that when they arrive on your wedding day, they arrive as someone you know and trust. Not a random stranger you meet for the first time.


Your DJ is fully prepared to execute your perfect day! They’ve taken the time to study, prep, plan, and arrive early, have everything set prior to the first guest arrival. They work, hand in hand, with your other wedding vendors (venue, planner/coordinator, photographer, caterer, and more), to make sure every activity happens as it should, every transition feels natural (even though it is completely coordinated), and those who are designated to give a toast, be introduced, or participate in a special dance, are informed, coached, and know exactly when it’s their time to sine. Communication is extremely important, and we make sure to actively communicate with everyone involved. All of this happening behind the scenes. You are free to enjoy the day. We’ll handle it all!

As the day progresses, it should feel natural - never rushed or choppy.


When it’s time to open the dance floor and get the party started, there is none better! Our experienced DJs work hard and take pride in their ability to engage, connect, and interact with your guests at a level that feels comfortable to you and your guests. We make sure all of your important song requests are played at the perfect times while reading the energy of your crowd, and sprinkling in a variety of songs that compliment your requests, to achieve that dance party you want.

What felt like a natural free flowing wedding day was the product of months of pre-planning, preparations, consultations, final planning, constant communication, then finally - execution of your perfect wedding timeline, creating an unforgettable wedding experience that you, your family, and your friends will remember for a lifetime. Our goal is not only to meet all of your expectations, but to exceed them.