School Dance DJ Entertainment

Your School Dance Can Be Awesome!

School Dances in Colorado require a very specialized type of DJ. Someone who knows the popular music but also knows what is appropriate for school aged students while keeping the school dance fun, exciting, energetic and safe. Howe Eventful DJs have decades of school dance dj experience. Many of the schools continue to book Howe Eventful year after year. Our professional school dance DJs engage the students with fun line dances, special school theme dances and a mix of super popular radio charting hits as well as the classic dance party hits. WE ENSURE ALL SONGS ARE AGE APPROPRIATE & CLEAN (no profanity). Part of the ideal school dance experience is knowing when to play slow songs, when to play fast songs, when to play line dances, when to play party classics and when to get on the mic and engage the students. This is a science based on decades of school dance dj experience that Howe Eventful brings to your school!

School Dance DJ Event Specialties

  • Homecoming Dance
  • Junior / Senior Prom
  • Prom After-Party
  • School Lunch Jam
  • Grad Night Party
  • Sadie Hawkins
  • Winter Formal
  • Spring Fling
  • Pep Rally